Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Ermm.. cant think of a title lol

today it was boiling so at lunch we just chilled on the field. it was a laugh coz me lilly louisa lucy and connor were in the middle of a masso field and i randomly picked up wifi signals =S. after lunch we had maths and we was counting cars for half an hour. superrr boring! so we just layed there neer the lay-by and put random numebrs in when we got back to class.(were so lazy).then we had art and me and luke had a papermashe slap fight. we slapped each other in the face with gluey news paper. then i walked home with meli.we listened to viking fm coz were cool =D. then i got home got changed and had some ricecrispys for tea because i wasnt hungary went riding. it was boring. and now im telling you all about it on my blog which nobody reads but charlotte.

thanks charlotte =D