Sunday, 2 August 2009

Summer hols day 14

Well I slept at my grandmas last night and I woke up early to get to walten street market. We got there about 9AM. I bought some cordless phones. They were from Argos and barely used. Only £6 and were worth £25, BARGIN! We then got some sunflowers and put them on my Uncle Jeff’s grave. His favourite flowers were sun flowers.

By now it was 11AM and I went riding all on my own = (. Oh well it was fun. After riding fir a fair few hours I went home and got some tea. I only had a sandwich for tea as I had McDonald’s

At 6PM brad rang me and we rode for am bit. We only rode up and down my street but it was fun also I asked him to stay over.

When it started to get dark we went over to brads to let of a Chinese lantern, it was super cool! It got so high. Later we went to shop for some snacks. We went to mcalls and baught some coke, marshmallows’ and chocolate. Then we still had money left over and baught some marshmellows and a garlic bread.

On the way home we saw another 2 Chinese lanterns that got even higher than ours.

At home we ate the garlic bread and heated up marshmallows’.

By 10Pm we was upstairs on the laptop watching bmx DVDs