Monday, 27 July 2009

Summer hols day 10

Today I had yet another lazy day.

Until half 5 when I rang Joe Sykes up. We decided we would go see a movie. We then invited Marley and Ellie. After about an hour and a half of trying to decide what movie to see we decided on Ice age 3: age of the dinosaur (3D). It approached 7PM so I went to Joes. We then had a slow stole up to the bus stop. It turned out it was the wrong bus stop so we walked for another 5 mines and got to it. The bus dust drove past us. We shouted all kinds of abuse. It finally came to a halt were he laughed and asked us for fares. We got on. The only ones on the bus. We were alone and scared. Then we realised this was the first stop. LOL- Face palm!

As the bus passed McDonalds we saw Marley and Ellie and banged on the window. They put their arms out and got on the bus. As we got into town we went straight up to the Vue cinema.

On the way we raced up the stairs. I took regular, Marley and Ellie took escalators and Joe took the lift. I beat them all but Marley had what she thought was a “fatal accident” it was a tiny graze lol.

We eventually got there. It’s rather swanky. We queued for over 20 mins. We were shocked, £5.50 EACH for teen tickets =o. And then we realised we needed food ... another 20 min queue. This was taking them Mickey and once again we were shocked by the prices £4.00 for a large popcorn and £5.00 for a medium diet coke.

We eventually got into the film at 8.00PM. It was a great movie and the 3D was spectacular. It’s rather length and drags on towards the end.

We all went home and went straight to bed after another draining day.