Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Summer hols day 41

Well today i woke up at lunch, i was hoping to wake up around nine but that didnt happen. I wen ton twitter for a bit then downloaded a demo of skate 2 on my xbox. Its pretty goo so im going to save up and get it. At around 3PM joe sykes sent me a @ reply on twitter saying "@lewisburton wanna come round but this time with a headset ?" I had slept over the night before and we played halo 3 all night on xbox live. But i didnt have a head set so i couldnt talk to anyone. I eventually went over to joes after it stopped raining. It was 4PM by the time i got out the front door. And it typical english fashion it chucked it down. Anyways i carried on and rode to joes. We played some halo 3 and hten i went hojme to have some food. I then ate a sandwich and chilled out for a bit. At aroun 9PM Luke called me. we talked on the phione for a while as i had not seen him for a few months. We caught up and stuff. I then got a snack, checked twitter and wrote this. Im now going to bed.