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Thursday, 30 July 2009

Nothing but slob out and eat! And it rained again. Until 3Pm where it was no stop riding until around half 9. I then watched a full series of Skins on 4oD

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Summer hols day 12

Nothing but slob out and eat! Because it rained again

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Summer hols day 11

Nothing but slob out and eat!

Monday, 27 July 2009

Summer hols day 10

Today I had yet another lazy day.

Until half 5 when I rang Joe Sykes up. We decided we would go see a movie. We then invited Marley and Ellie. After about an hour and a half of trying to decide what movie to see we decided on Ice age 3: age of the dinosaur (3D). It approached 7PM so I went to Joes. We then had a slow stole up to the bus stop. It turned out it was the wrong bus stop so we walked for another 5 mines and got to it. The bus dust drove past us. We shouted all kinds of abuse. It finally came to a halt were he laughed and asked us for fares. We got on. The only ones on the bus. We were alone and scared. Then we realised this was the first stop. LOL- Face palm!

As the bus passed McDonalds we saw Marley and Ellie and banged on the window. They put their arms out and got on the bus. As we got into town we went straight up to the Vue cinema.

On the way we raced up the stairs. I took regular, Marley and Ellie took escalators and Joe took the lift. I beat them all but Marley had what she thought was a “fatal accident” it was a tiny graze lol.

We eventually got there. It’s rather swanky. We queued for over 20 mins. We were shocked, £5.50 EACH for teen tickets =o. And then we realised we needed food ... another 20 min queue. This was taking them Mickey and once again we were shocked by the prices £4.00 for a large popcorn and £5.00 for a medium diet coke.

We eventually got into the film at 8.00PM. It was a great movie and the 3D was spectacular. It’s rather length and drags on towards the end.

We all went home and went straight to bed after another draining day.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Summer hols day 9

Today I had a lazy day of sleeping, eating and the internet. I also Skyped a few people =)

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Summer hols day 8

Well here’s the second installment from the all-nighter. We basically rang and went on webcam to Vicky (follower her on twitter) while watching the parent trap. We stayed doing that until 6AM then I went riding before the sun had fully come up. It’s a great feeling. And I then fell asleep at 10 and eventually woke up at half 5 in the evening.

I then had a sandwich and went to visit family camping. There tent was quite small but cosy. I played football and catch until 11PM and went home where I practically passed out.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Summer hols day 7

Today I had a lazy day until I went to Joe’s house. I was like wanting stay over ant mine and he replied YEAH. It got to about 7PM ish when he got round we started by getting the laptops out. We felt so posh as we were on beanbags with a laptop each. Tonight we found out that msn is actually slowwww. We were sat next to each other on the same wifi connection and it took like 10 seconds for the other person to receive it. We then watched some 4oD and half of an inbetweeners DVD while on msn to Paige, Vicky and Georgia . By this time it was around 11PM and we decide to do an allnighter. I will tell you about after midnight in the next blog post.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

Summer hols day 6

Well today I slept in until 12 and just chilled out. Then I went to Asda with my cousins. We was there for 3 HOURS it didn’t feel long as we played with every toy lol anyways a picture says a thousand words so here’s a few.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Summer hols day 5

Today after my lie in I decided to buy myself a new desk, chair and bedside table. I got them from Argos and Asda

They were all flatpack apart from the chair of course and had to build them myself. it was fun adn time consuming but now its done im proud

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Summer hols day 4

Today I went to town with £50 to spend on clothes which was good. I only liked 3 things all from H&M.

Here are pictures of the things I got. It all came to £23 in total.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Summer hols day 3

It was freezing today and i went to mcdonalds and then went to see harry potter with conner. I wont spoil it for you but It was pretty good but has a crappy ending. The prices at the cinema are outrageous £1.90 for a Capri sun and £4.20 for a SMALL popcorn (or as we called it “cornpop”) Shocking!

We then went to asda to buy conners sister a birthday card. In the end we got her “ice age 2” on dvd. Then it was off to comet to look at the pretty macbooks (L) and test out every single camera by taking several pictures of us... we got bored half way through.

Anyways I can’t wait until tomorrow as I’m going to town with £50 to spend on clothes (Y).

Sunday, 19 July 2009

Summer hols day 2

Today i decided to take the day off and just chill. But at around 2 o’clock my mum decided to go for a meal. It was just the two of us at whistling goose. It took ages for the food to come. And it took even longer to get a seat as it was a Sunday all the last people who don’t want to cook a Sunday dinner came. Later i make my cousin a quick mobile phone wallpaper. Anyways today not much happened so hopefully tomorrow something good happens.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Summer hols day 1

Since it’s now official the hols heres the first post

Today I went to Beverly with my friend webby. We went at about 12is on the train COT-BEV. The “conductor dude” forgot to ask us for tickets so we were £1.40 up. And we timed it because were sad lol. It took 7mins23sec which is quick.

We rode the skatepark for a bit. It was cramped but fun. I got an allyoop air and a 270. After all the riding we got hungry so I got some chips and webby got potato wedges. We waited for half hour for the food. But it was worth the wait. We ate them got some lucazade sport and went back to the park.

By this time it was about 2o’clock so we decide to venture out and find some street spots. First we went to a industrial warehouse which was locked, next a Tesco which had some sets (with no run up) and lastly a housing estate with a cool sign and a few sets (all with run-up’s) “yey run-up’s”

By this time it was 4 so we got the train home. This time we had to pay the £1.40. Darn. We went to Cottingham cycle centre and looked at parts. The time passes so quickly when you’re in there. When we eventually came out we realised we had been there for an hour and a half. We decided to ride some more at Somerfield’s.

At 6 I went home and had tea. And then went back at 7. We later rode until 10 while meeting Saarna, Jon, brad and some others.

And that was my day!

Thursday, 16 July 2009

d(-_-)p & Announcement

I haven't posted much as nothing has happened apart from I have finished platform forever and have also finished year 9 and in September will be starting my GCSE's I’ve picked art and a level 2 diploma creative and media.

Also since it’s nearly the summer hols I’ve decided to do a post a day. Stay posted for my daily diary entries.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

School And Chillaxing All In One Day


Today at school was so boring it was the basic stuff apart from lunch. At lunch I had to do part of my arts award. Which was showing year 7s how to make masks? They were rubbish at following the instructions and rubbish at making the masks. Oh well I passed that part and got the stupidest fakest picture of me pointing out a glue pot to a year 7.


Well what I night I’ve just got in from a four hour chilling time in cott with Sarah Holvey and Jordan Higgins. We met some other people along the way such as Sarah Ashton and webby
Initially I was riding with webby and then I was with Chris and Sammy then after that o went for a mooch with Sarah and Jordan,
We all sat in this random gardeny field place down George st. we were in deep conversation for about two hours. (I just realised this sounds like a novel lol)
At around 8 Jordan went in and me and Sarah walked in circles in cott. We talked and talked then she looked at the time and I informed her that I should have been in at 9. She was so shocked that she started apologising loads.
She went home and I had to bike home as fast as possible I set off at 9:50 and got home at 9:55. Wow that’s fast.

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

The Restaurant And The Weather

On Sunday we went for a meal at a posh restaurant. It was fun the whole family went. The food was cooked to perfection. I had garlic bread and chips as it was a posh resteraunt and I don’t do posh food. Anyways it was the nicest softest chips you could imagine and the “Grilled Garlic Bread” as they called it was better than it sounds.

Yesterday and today all it has done is thunder and lightning. And also yesterday it hit the school and all the fire alarms, phones and microphones won’t work. Lol

I hope that its better weather tomorrow because I need to bike to school to loose some weight.

Sunday, 5 July 2009

oh my i forgot about my blog

Well in the past half month I have rode allot, been paint balling, tweeted a whole lot and chilled with friends


Well I have learnt to slide hop high and allot of other things, this makes riding more enjoyable because I can ride allot more things. Anyways I think I will need some new grips now because one has gone through to the metal = (where will I find £10 for some


Paintballing at elsham was amazing. I used 400 paint balls and ran out before the last match. It’s the best thing ever part from BMX. Chris eaman damn you shot me in the head and I still have a bruise and also damn you sonny for shooting me in the gob, paintballs taste horrible. I have experience.


All I have done lately is tweet. I’m actually addicted to twitter

Oh well sorry for not blogging in a while i will be posting another update soon about my meal for granny vals 80th birthday “happy birthday granny =)”

See you soon and check my twitter incase i forgert to blog