Sunday, 5 July 2009

oh my i forgot about my blog

Well in the past half month I have rode allot, been paint balling, tweeted a whole lot and chilled with friends


Well I have learnt to slide hop high and allot of other things, this makes riding more enjoyable because I can ride allot more things. Anyways I think I will need some new grips now because one has gone through to the metal = (where will I find £10 for some


Paintballing at elsham was amazing. I used 400 paint balls and ran out before the last match. It’s the best thing ever part from BMX. Chris eaman damn you shot me in the head and I still have a bruise and also damn you sonny for shooting me in the gob, paintballs taste horrible. I have experience.


All I have done lately is tweet. I’m actually addicted to twitter

Oh well sorry for not blogging in a while i will be posting another update soon about my meal for granny vals 80th birthday “happy birthday granny =)”

See you soon and check my twitter incase i forgert to blog