Saturday, 18 July 2009

Summer hols day 1

Since it’s now official the hols heres the first post

Today I went to Beverly with my friend webby. We went at about 12is on the train COT-BEV. The “conductor dude” forgot to ask us for tickets so we were £1.40 up. And we timed it because were sad lol. It took 7mins23sec which is quick.

We rode the skatepark for a bit. It was cramped but fun. I got an allyoop air and a 270. After all the riding we got hungry so I got some chips and webby got potato wedges. We waited for half hour for the food. But it was worth the wait. We ate them got some lucazade sport and went back to the park.

By this time it was about 2o’clock so we decide to venture out and find some street spots. First we went to a industrial warehouse which was locked, next a Tesco which had some sets (with no run up) and lastly a housing estate with a cool sign and a few sets (all with run-up’s) “yey run-up’s”

By this time it was 4 so we got the train home. This time we had to pay the £1.40. Darn. We went to Cottingham cycle centre and looked at parts. The time passes so quickly when you’re in there. When we eventually came out we realised we had been there for an hour and a half. We decided to ride some more at Somerfield’s.

At 6 I went home and had tea. And then went back at 7. We later rode until 10 while meeting Saarna, Jon, brad and some others.

And that was my day!

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