Wednesday, 8 July 2009

School And Chillaxing All In One Day


Today at school was so boring it was the basic stuff apart from lunch. At lunch I had to do part of my arts award. Which was showing year 7s how to make masks? They were rubbish at following the instructions and rubbish at making the masks. Oh well I passed that part and got the stupidest fakest picture of me pointing out a glue pot to a year 7.


Well what I night I’ve just got in from a four hour chilling time in cott with Sarah Holvey and Jordan Higgins. We met some other people along the way such as Sarah Ashton and webby
Initially I was riding with webby and then I was with Chris and Sammy then after that o went for a mooch with Sarah and Jordan,
We all sat in this random gardeny field place down George st. we were in deep conversation for about two hours. (I just realised this sounds like a novel lol)
At around 8 Jordan went in and me and Sarah walked in circles in cott. We talked and talked then she looked at the time and I informed her that I should have been in at 9. She was so shocked that she started apologising loads.
She went home and I had to bike home as fast as possible I set off at 9:50 and got home at 9:55. Wow that’s fast.

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